Monday, 22 September 2014

Can you become involved?

While the hub of 'Paranormally Curious' remains a small, tight community based on trust and mutual intentions, there is always room for expansion and diversity - including the promotion of other people's work in paranormal research and links towards groups who are focused on finding evidence for the continuity of the human soul beyond physical death.

Alongside this, we also have a few ongoing projects - including the creation of a database of personal, paranormal events from around the world.
It is our belief that while one, or a few, personal experiences may not constitute enough evidence for post-mortem survival, a larger number of personal accounts may well shed some new and interesting light on paranormal research.
At the very least, it may simply encourage someone to dispel aspects of fear associated with their own personal experience(s), which is an astonishingly valid reason in its own right - perhaps the most important reason of all.

To add to our written research project, everyone is welcome to share their personal experiences, either on here in the form of comments, or privately, via e-mail to us. 
With a combined total paranormal experience totalling over a century within our team, it is doubtful that you will have experienced something we have not heard before - either partially or wholly.

So far, our contributors have covered areas of clairvoyance, ghosts, hauntings, premonitions, full-body apparitions, telekinesis,  clairaudience, spiritual healing, physical mediumship and more.
The research is ongoing and has no ending point.  It is hoped that certain 'patterns' can be observed from a large pool of information, which may help to give some insight into certain aspects of the paranormal, parapsychological, metaphysical and spiritual subjects.


During some point in the very near future, there is a strong desire to build a small team - based geographically in the county of Gloucestershire, England - which regularly embarks on both small and larger projects associated with paranormal research and investigation.

At the moment, the sketchy information which can be given is that the paranormal research team will:

  • Approach investigation from mostly a proof-orientated aspect, although, as we also have extensive knowledge of process-orientated approaches, these will likely be incorporated into an investigation to give a more rounded picture.
  • Adopt a serious/professional (not dull or boring) approach to our investigations.  If we're going to be freezing cold/soaking wet, while stuck in some eerie castle at 3 AM and starving hungry, then it really needs to be for a specific reason and not just for 'arsing about'.
  • Employ both modern and 'retro' methods of investigation at locations. 
  • This does NOT include objects such as 'ouija boards'. 
  • Nor does it involve an outside medium/psychic.  There are enough mediums/intuitives within the group already.  Intuitive evidence is interesting, especially when it can be backed up/verified by several sources at the same time and all intuitive feelings from investigations will be carefully recorded and analysed.  However the primary direction of investigations will be focused upon spontaneous case research at the locations, especially data which can be recorded on technical equipment and subsequently analysed.


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