Monday, 15 September 2014

About 'Paranormally Curious'

'Paranormally Curious' is a small group based in the west of England, focused upon exploration and research into all aspects of the paranormal.

As is usually the best opening plan, we're starting 'Paranormally Curious' in small, baby steps.  A long-term intention is to expand it slowly in different and varying directions.


Firstly, as an internet location, we want 'Paranormally Curious' to be a source of reliable, impartial information concerning all aspects of paranormal, parapsychology and spiritual  topics.  
This will include a variety of historical, visual information, a selection of books on various subjects and a page containing links to other online/real world sources of information and interest to students of  paranormal/spiritual research.  

There is also a Facebook page related to this website, in the hope of linking to people worldwide, on similar pathways of further understanding and research within the paranormal/parapsychology. 

Secondly, this space will be a source of documentation for any personal research and experiences.  We are currently building a small research studio for regular, controlled experiments in areas such as: 

extra-sensory perception
physical mediumship
electronic voice phenomena 
instrumental transcommunication.

In time, a further page will be added to this site, documenting and sharing data and personal experiences within this research.

Long-term, there are plans to expand 'Paranormally Curious' out into other areas; particularly the formation of a small paranormal investigation group, based in the west of England and likely working alongside other local groups, to share the cost of investigations.


Currently, there are separate pages concerning 'Paranormal Photographs', 'Parapsychology' and 'Personal Research & Experiments'.
Very soon, two further pages: 'Bookcase' - a selection of books focusing on paranormal research, parapsychology and spirituality...and another page containing 'Links' to other websites and groups containing interesting information and insight into different aspects of the paranormal. 
A further page in the near-future, focusing solely upon personal experiences over the years, that have served to form the foundations of our own personal faith and philosophies.

Via the Facebook group and also here, it is hoped to encourage others to share their personal stories, questions and experiences.

So, it's a slow entry at a time.  

It'll be interesting to see where this can lead.  


  1. This all looks very interesting and thought provoking...good luck

  2. Thank you, Debbie. I've been tied up a lot with writing for other paranormal websites and magazines, but I'd like to see this expand. We have a page on Facebook, which is updated regularly. :) x