Monday, 15 September 2014

About the website author.

A little about the individual behind the typing of this website and the founder of 'Paranormally Curious'.

I originally hail from the glorious city of Bristol in west England and I have been studying this fascinating field of paranormal research for over 40 years. 
This is partly due to the possession of a curious and rational mind that is not geared towards 'guessing at' or - even worse - being lazy enough to adopt stereotypical attitudes towards subjects, without exploring them in the first place.  
Therefore, I want to know the answers...or to put it in more Hollywood style, 'the truth'.  My attitude has always been to explore everything I encounter with a sceptical, open mind.  
    Another reason that I'm inclined towards - and fascinated by - the paranormal is because I have had many personal experiences of it...both as a child and an adult.  
Some of these experiences I can analyse and find a possible natural/scientific reason behind.  
Others are more difficult to explain and it is these specific incidents that impel me onward towards ever-new doors of research and exploration.  

My personal reasons for choosing to research aspects of the 'paranormal' are numerous. 
Above all, I try at all times to keep an open mind, open heart and keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. 
It's my opinion that the best way to approach any paranormal occurrence is to try to cover as much rational/logical ground as possible, before looking for spiritual/unnatural causes.

For me, belief is personal and it should always be that way.  
If I had to be defined then I would probably class myself as an 'open-minded sceptic'.

    Although some unexplained, childhood experiences formed the foundation of my interest in the paranormal, I've been seriously interested in different forms of spiritual development since I reached adult years.  
To this effect, I've studied topics that have peaked my interest and worked towards being able to express/study/heighten them.  
I've studied, expressed and taught various forms of meditation since 1984, spiritual healing since 1986, spiritualist mediumship since 1987 and physical mediumship since 1989.  
I've also studied different forms of divination, including tarot since 1981 and numerology since 1989.  
    While I find each aspect interesting in its own right, I certainly wouldn't class myself as an 'expert' in anything. For me, the fun & fascination lies within learning and exploration.  
There is ALWAYS more to learn.

    To balance my spiritual side, (because I believe there should always be balance) I also have a keen interest in psychology and how the human mind works.  
I've also studied - and continue to study -  parapsychology (the scientific exploration of the paranormal), because I believe it is important to have as much mental ammunition as possible when analysing, or scrutinizing, a subject.  
I like sociology, astronomy and a host of academic scientific and alternative/holistic pathways, because I believe this to be an important foundation for any questioning mind - especially when applied towards paranormal areas that don't lean towards strictly logical/rational explanations, based upon current scientific understanding.  


    So, in short, this website is written by a keen, questioning soul who likes a mystery.  I enjoy exploring spiritual ideas and philosophies, but I also have a rational, logical mind that requires constant feeding.  
I have infinite time for open-minded, rational people who respect the views of others and understand the basic difference between faith and fact.  


Any research done by the members of 'Paranormally Curious' falls under the approach of finding evidence to either encourage or dismiss paranormal claims in any location.

Every location is different.
    Every investigation is different.
        Every research project is different.

    Let the fun commence.  :)

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