Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Ongoing Research Project

A large part of 'Paranormally Curious' is focused around research within several fields associated with the paranormal and parapsychology.

As part of an ongoing research project, we are currently compiling a database of paranormal experiences from people across the world.
While primary aims are geared towards the collection of information/data into a central source, there are also potential aims to collate some information into a printed book.

We're particularly keen to hear accounts of 'After-Death Communication' (ADC).  
This is where someone known to us appears to communicate to us, after their physical death.  This usually feels like someone is saying 'goodbye' to someone, or to comfort that person with the knowledge that life continues.
Although this is still sadly classed as a 'socially uncomfortable' experience, nonetheless it appears to be a common happening. ADCs tend to range from simple dreams and thoughts, right down to specific communications such as telephone calls, full-body appearances and even e-mails & texts.

As current research relates strongly towards personal experiences, we're not currently interested in 'third party' accounts, such as mediumship or advice from tarot/divination readers.  Nor are we interested in messages from ouija boards or other 'tools' used by some people/groups.
Accounts of physical mediumship, such as transfiguration, direct voice & materialization would be of interest - especially those conducted in a controlled environment using strong, visible light.

A list of suitable experiences would include:

Apparitions (whole or partial)
Apportations (the sudden appearance of physical objects) 
Clairaudience (the physical hearing of spiritual activity)
Clairsentience (the sensing of spiritual activity)
Clairvoyance (the sighting of spiritual activity)
Deport (the sudden disappearance of physical objects)
Electronic Communication Sources (TV, Phone, PC, Radio)
Electronic Voice Communications (E.V.P.)
Near-Death Experiences (N.D.E.)
Out of Body Experiences (O.B.E.)
Time Disturbance (the feeling that time has somehow altered)

The overriding purpose of this research and any subsequent publications will be to share information concerning paranormal/spiritual experiences in the hope of 
a) spreading knowledge to the general public concerning the 'paranormal' and the possibilities of the continuation of the soul/spirit beyond our physical deaths. 
b) alleviating general ignorance and stereotyping concerning paranormal research. 
c)  alleviating general fear from those who worry about physical death.
d)  the promotion of knowledge that potential 'life after death' is open to ALL people and not merely those of a certain religious persuasion. 

Personal accounts can be sent in confidence to either of the following emails: 




Naturally, we are aware that privacy can be a key element, or concern, where paranormal subjects are involved.
As made clear to everyone who has so far contributed personal accounts for consideration, we are very happy to use partial or complete aliases for any form of publication.

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